Houston Industrial Plastics


Houston is the fourth largest manufacturing city in the United States. Blackwell Plastics has been involved in supporting the manufacturing community through leadership in the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center and supplying components to a wide variety of local industrial applications. Most of these are unique engineered applications that serve as components to a finished industrial product. Our components may be found in electronics, harsh oil field environments, subsea applications, building and construction projects, safety applications, traffic control, gauges and instrumentation. We have over 150 industrial customers that cover nearly every industrial market segment.

Blackwell Plastics follows the manufacturing standards of ISO 9001 2008. Our manufacturing processes provide complete lot traceability, hourly inspection records and customer specific gauges to ensure proper fit to mating components. Blackwell Plastics is unique in that we offer Injection Molding and Extrusion in one company. In addition, we offer secondary operations including assembly, plastic assembly, kitting, and packaging. As many of our clients are industrial manufacturing clients we offer Kan Ban, pull systems, and logistics services to minimize inventory and ensure JIT delivery.

Blackwell Plastics utilizes a wide variety of materials that range from HDPE, PP, POM, PC, PET, TPE’s, TPO’s, TPU’s and many more. We offer assistance in product design, material selection and tooling. We have full service tooling in house and source from providers all over the world.

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