Energy Industry

Houston is the energy capital of the world and Blackwell Plastics has had the opportunity to design, manufacture, and support nearly every area of the industry since 1939. We provide products in one form or another to every major oil company and many major oil field service companies. From developing early components in the geophysical industry, core sampling tools, supplying seals for valves, specialty connectors for harsh environments, components for drilling, corrosion protection, strain relief, products used in completions, products used sub0sea and offshore, safety related products, products for testing and measuring Blackwell Plastics brings a wealth of experience and unique perspective to the products we manufacture.

Blackwell Plastics follows the manufacturing standards of ISO 9001 2008. Our manufacturing processes provide complete lot traceability, hourly inspection records and customer specific gauges to ensure proper fit to mating components. Blackwell Plastics is unique in that we are a source for both injection molding and extrusion. Our extrusion group specializes in short run pipe and tubing of specialty engineering materials. Our injection molding group has expertise in processing thick walled parts with zero voids. We offer secondary operations including assembly, plastic assembly, kitting, and packaging. As many of our clients are industrial manufacturing clients we offer Kan Ban, pull systems, and logistics services to minimize inventory and ensure JIT delivery.

The energy industry operates in harsh environments that include high temperatures and corrosive chemicals. Blackwell Plastics brings years of experience in processing a broad range of products to your project. Many products used in the energy industry are custom compounded materials that have unique properties which are specific to an operating condition or environment. Blackwell Plastics brings over 70 years of design, engineering and processing knowledge to customer projects. We maintain strong partnerships with the suppliers of engineering grade materials and leverage the depth of knowledge, testing and resources offered by these global companies. We are very active in the Society of Plastics Engineers South Texas chapter which also provides decades of technical papers and relationships with Houston's wealth of polymer scientists and chemical engineers.