LD Blackwell: Chairman

LD Blackwell

LD Blackwell co-founded Blackwell Plastics in 1939 with his father and is a true pioneer of the plastics industry.  Following his service in the United States Airforce, LD led the company to be one of the largest custom injection molding operations in the southern United States.  He was directly involved in bringing revolutionary products to science and industry through his work with fellow entrepreneurs.  Such work included many products for NASA missions, development and manufacturing of the Weedeater and work with Denton Cooley to develop the by-pass heart pump for open heart surgery and numerous supporting products used in surgery.  LD served as vice-chairman of the board for Fannin Bank and has interests in many local business and charity organizations.

Our People

Blackwell Plastics People

Blackwell Plastics employs more than 70 people with a passion for manufacturing excellence. Our employees are the most valuable asset of the company and the only asset that has the ability to innovate and generate creative ideas to provide solutions to customer challenges. We encourage teamwork, creative thinking, and innovation as the primary avenue to add value to our customers, reduce cost, and improve quality. We are proud to have a great team to serve you.

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

Blackwell Plastics Employees celebrated Halloween 2011, with great award winning bar-b-que, pumpkin carving and costume contests. Great fun was had by all.

Mr. Blackwell's Birthday (October 2010)

Mr. Blackwell and Harvin Moore

A special day with Harvin Moore

Robert Hollaway Retires September 2010

Retirement of Robert Hollaway

Blackwell Plastics said goodbye to Robert Hollaway after 21 years with the company. He was one of our best employees and will be greatly missed. As Bob said in his farewell speech, we were his family, his brothers and sister. We feel the same Bob and don't forget to come visit!

Like the cake said...NO MORE ALARM CLOCKS!

Enjoy your retirement!

Retirement of Robert Hollaway

Snowday 12-4-2009

Snow at Blackwell PlasticsBlackwell Plastics enjoyed a very rare thing on the 4th of December...SNOW!!!!

Living in Houston, this is not something we get a lot of but, we sure enjoyed getting some.

Mr. Blackwell's Birthday (October 2009)

A special cake for a very special man!

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009

Blackwell Plastics Employees celebrated Halloween 2009, with pumpkin carving and costume contests. Prizes were handed out and great fun was had by all. Check out the winners here!

Employee Appreciation Day

Blackwell Plastics Employee Appreciation day, September 12th 2009, was at the Houston Astros home game. Many of our employees enjoyed watching our Houston Astros win against the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-2.

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008 and Blackwell Plastics Employees have fun carving pumpkins and dressing up. Check out costumes, carvings, and more here!