Aerospace Industry


Blackwell Plastics manufactures components for numerous products in the Aerospace industry.  Starting with the foundation of Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas, we worked with NASA to develop the sensors to monitor vital signs for Alan Shepherd in the Project Mercury Freedom 7 flight in 1961.  Since this time we have developed a number of tools and products used in space exploration.  We also manufacture components for many products used in helicopters, military and civilian aircraft.  

In an effort to reduce weight and increase operating efficiencies the aircraft industry is using plastics and composites to replace metal in many applications.  Blackwell Plastics engineering has experience with materials that meet FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations).  These materials are flame resistant and meet requirements of low smoke and toxicity for interior cabins.  Our engineering group collaborates with the suppliers of engineering grade materials and has the ability to draw upon the resources of companies such as SABIC, Arkema, Celanese, and Solvay. 

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