Medical Plastics

Life Science

Blackwell Plastics has a long history of manufacturing products for the life science industry.  In the 60’s Blackwell Plastics collaborated with Dr. Michael DeBakey to develop and manufacture one of the first heart by-pass pumps.  We also partnered with Dr. Denton Cooley in the development of the first plastic disposable tools for open heart surgery replacing stainless steel devices.  We continue to work closely with this industry and currently manufacture products for medical devices, surgical tools, dentistry, diagnostics devices and research laboratories.

Blackwell Plastics was instrumental in the founding of the Gulf Coast Medical Device Manufacturers association.  Their mission is to develop a community of manufacturing companies that work together to facilitate the commercialization of life science and medical device products from the Texas Medical Center.  Blackwell Plastics follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) in the manufacturing, validation and documentation of processes as required by the product manufactured.  We have relationships with local design, engineering, regulatory, component, sterilization and packaging companies to help connect you to the resources to get your product to market

Blackwell Plastics processes most engineering grade materials common to life science applications including polycarbonate, polysulfone, Eastman Tritan, thermoplastic silicone, acetal and many other engineering grade resins to meet specific industry requirements.